Welcome to KFUMs Tennis Club
- and to KLUBMODUL

This page is KFUMs Tennis Clubs page for administration of court booking and payment of membership fees etc.


KFUMs Tennis Club changed to the use of KLUBMODUL in 2013 due to the close down of Foreningspakken, which earlier on was a club administration software, made available to Danish associations.  


The functionality of KLUBMODUL is significantly different and it is required that the members set up a profile in the system to continue its membership and new members apply for membership the same way. A profile can be created by clicking “Opret profil” (Create Profile) at the bottom left of this page. Remember to fill in all the fields with correct data and enter working email – as this information will serve for all membership communication.


You can get help by downloading a guide here.


KLUBMODUL will manage court booking and registration for the offered activities and events such as “Slå ind/ud, club championship, summer tennis camps and so on and team activities such as senior training, junior training, tennis schools etc.


KLUBMODUL means that all payment of membership fees, indoor court rent, payment for participation in events and training must be made by credit card when signing up. This creates administrative savings for the club and real savings on postage, and other fees associated with other payment methods.


By selecting medlemskab (membership) in the left menu on this page you can read more about KFUMs Tennis Clubs membership terms.


You can access KLUBMODUL directly by the address: http://www.kfum-tennis.klub-modul.dk/ or by the link on the club website http://www.kfum-tennis.dk/ 


The primary member communication will still be done through the KFUMs Tennis Club’s own homepage http://www.kfum-tennis.dk/ and Social Media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



KFUMs Tennis Club’s Board of Directors